What is meant by Personalized Talent Assessment (PTA)?

Personalized Talent Assessment (PTA), an examination decades ahead of others, is not just another Talent Examination. The questions in PTA are made exclusively to test your Academic Aptitude and your personality. Questions asked from all spheres of the academic syllabus do not only check your problem solving ability but also focuses on the way you approach the problem and the personality test focuses on judging your personality traits.
Thus a combined report will help you finding the best career for yourself.

Who is eligible for this Examination?

All the students from Class 9th to Class 12th are eligible.

What are pre-requisites for this Examination?

There are no pre-requisites. The student should possess a general aptitude and should be thorough with his/her syllabus studied uptill that stndard. Questions will be based on academic aptitude and understanding rather than mugged up facts.

Where and when will the examination be held?

Examination will be held in the school itself on flexible dates and time.

What are the benefits for students who will be giving PTA?

The studnts wll get the following benefits from the PTA:
A. They will come to know about their overall personality.
B. They would get a more clear insight about the career option they should opt for.
C. Detailed Analysis Report and Participation Certificate for everyone.
D. Personalised counselling by elight and highly experienced mentors.

What is the mode of examination?

Examination will be OMR based.

How can you apply for this examination and avail counselling?

We will approach your School/Institution and conduct the examination there and very soon this test will be made available online.

What will be allowed to bring inside the examination hall?

Students will be allowed to bring only stationery. No electronic gadgets are allowed inside the hall.

How many times can a student avail the counselling?

A student can avail 10 counselling sessions from the desired mentor.


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