EduMorf Kids Play School


  • At EduMorf Kids Play School, we strive to live upto the international standards of pre-school education, we boast of world class infrastructure and facilities. The vision of our founder is to create a nurturing, intellectually stimulating and growth inducing environment for all our students. We try to have a dynamic approach towards the education and methods of imparting it to our students, balancing class room learning along with experimental and practical learning systems for the children’s overall development.
  • Our core belief is that young children thrive in an environment in which they can learn to value their own uniqueness, and one which provides them support and opportunities to grow emotionally, socially and express creatively. We focus on each child individually, helping them explore their interests and curiosities, in process helping them explore the world around them

Facilities Available

  • Healthy faculty-student ratio in classroom, to ensure that each pupil receives proper care and attention
  • CCTV for round-the-clock surveillance , to ensure the safety of your ward
  • Guards employed at security entrances , to ensure your ward’s safety and security at all times
  • Channeled Music : We use music to create a rich and soothing environment to induce the creative energies of the children, as we believe it enhances their ability to focus for prolonged periods of time and distressed them
  • Smart Class : A learning platform which enables use of projector based classroom technology to provide students with highly interactive and nurturing online resources
  • Transport : We provide basic pick up and drop facilities to all our students through our very own transportation system. Providing the students with all basic facilities to ensure a safe passage home