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A writer is a person who writes in different styles and techniques in order to communicate their ideas to everyone. A writer may be a novelist, short stories writer, poet, playwright, essayist, copywriter, editor, journalist, etc. They can produce many reading materials such as genres, fictional or non-fictional. An editor generally edits the material before publication. They can work on journals, newspapers or any other form of material.




# 1

Usually a bachelor’s degree is required to become a writer.

# 2

      Should write with                                  originality.

# 3

  Must have the ability to work                  independently.

# 4

   Should have self-                                  promotion qualities.


There is a wide gate opened in the world of writing for writers. Writers can be employed as editors, journalists, playwrights, poet, satirist, librettist, lyricist, screenwriter, speechwriter, biographer, critic, encyclopaedist, essayist, historian, lexicographer, researcher, translator, blogger, columnist, diarist, memoirist, report writer, scribe, novelist, etc. They might be hired by companies on high pay scales or they can have their own stand in the creative world of writers. Copywriters might be hired as a freelancer temporarily or can be hired by agencies on a permanent basis. There is a strong competition amongst editors for seeking jobs in newspaper and magazine companies. They can even work from home for companies and organisations in online mode.

Salaries and Perks

The salary prospect obviously varies with the genre of writing. Initially, the writers may be paid with Rs. 8000 to 10000 per month. It highly depends upon the organisation or company they are working for. Their pay scale may increase rapidly with their experience and contribution. A freelancer has the biggest opportunity to earn more. The publishing houses generally hire writers and pay them according to the contract which can be in 5 figures as well, and it is a big deal. Yes, one can say that sky is the limit for the writers when we talk about salary prospects.

Top Institutes

Many institutes all over India provide courses related to Writer, Editor AND Copywriter.Some of them are as follows:

Dr.BabasahebAmbedkar Open University, Ahmedabad

Dr.BabasahebAmbedkar University was established by the Gujarat State Legislature by the Act No. 14 of 1994. It has 72 programmes to offer and around 1,00,000 learners are enrolled in this university. Following the principles of Dr.BabasahebAmbedkar, this university is open for all the people of our country irrespective of their caste, creed, class, religion, sex or colour. It has courses in 9 categories viz. BPP, Certificate courses, Diploma Courses, PG Diploma, Graduate courses, PG courses, Vocational & Professional courses, Special B.Ed courses, PH.D. programmes in every field of education.

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

It comes under the list of leading universities of India named after our country’s first Prime Minister. It was established in the year 1966 by an act of Parliament and came into functioning in the year 1969. It provides a plenty of courses and programmes to be explored.

BharatiVidyaBhawanVidyashram, Jaipur

It was founded in the year 1938 by Dr. K.M. Munshi. Today, it has become an All India Intellectual, Cultural and Educational movement coming up with the changes needed by the present world. It has classes from Kindergarten to Post Graduate, Research programmes and PH.D degree.


Top Class

Some of the famous and successful people who hold a degree in Writer, Editor AND Copywriter are:


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