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Educational Metamorphism (abbreviated as EduMorf) is an educational initiative undertaken with an aim to eliminate the uncertainty and misdirection among the students regarding their career path and providing them guidance through career counseling which will be followed by a detailed analysis report, personality test and mentorship program.

" Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world "
- Nelson Mandela


We organize an offline Personalized Talent Assessment (PTA) in schools followed by a personality test. These examinations expose you to questions which are made primarily to test your academic aptitude.


Once you take the PTA, you will get your Personalized Analysis Report. The report will contain a comprehensive evaluation of your performance and primarily focuses on making you aware of your strength, weaknesses and opportunities.


The personal counsellor will be from your Dream College. Be it IIT, BITS Pilani, AIIMS, Delhi University, National Law University, National Institute of Fashion Technology, NIT, Agriculture Research Institute or College of Business Studies.



Personalized Talent Assessment (PTA), an examination decades ahead of others, is not just another Talent Examination. The questions in PTA are made exclusively to test your Academic Aptitude. Questions asked from all spheres of the academic syllabus do not only check your problem solving ability but also focuses on the way you approach the problem.


What if all your doubts regarding adoption of the best strategy for securing admission in your dream college are cleared by a person who has already achieved it recently Edumorf provides you with undergraduate and graduated mentors from your dream colleges. Those mentors are those people who have recently cracked the examination and have made their way to the top. Apart from this we have professional counsellors for you who have experience in guiding students for years.


The personality is a combination of one’s traits or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. Here, with the help of our personality test, we help the students finding what all traits they possess and how they can be useful in various fields. Each person in this world is unique, having a unique combination of Character traits. None of the traits are good or bad as what is good or bad varies from person to person and situation to situation.

"I took PCMB in 10+2. I really loved studying biology but didn't want to be a doctor. I was really confused how to continue with biology without going for simple graduation. Studying biology with technology is difficult in India until Edumorf team helped me out, through their counseling scheme, I got to know about biomedical engineering and life sciences studies. The best part of the whole counseling process was their friendly behaviour and direct connection with your dream college students. THANK-YOU EDUMORF...!"

Purva Verma Student - DPS Ranchi

"Parental pressure because of 10 cgpa, peer pressure because of being together : sole reason to take up science for secondary school. Soon I realized all that glitters is not gold. Having a business instinct somewhere always, engineering was never a path to walk. But a severe shift to commerce stream for graduation seem to be a dreadful step. That's when EDUMORF, with great experiences, came to my rescue : now I'm in BMS, a course much more relatable, that too from best college of the nation. All thanks to the enlightenment."

Daksh Lohmod Freshman - Bachelor's of Management Studies, SSCBS

"The concept of EDUMORF is really fascinating and I love to be the part of team. I always wanted to help students to take right decisions in their life and EDUMORF is providing me a perfect platform to get connected to school students. The questions asked by students are really new and interesting. EDUMORF will definitely bring revolution in the field of education."

Sonica Priyadarshini Research Scholar - Indian Agriculture Research Institute

"I met one of the key people from Edumorf and came to know about the Start-up and what they do. This kind of counseling is really the need of the hour in Indian education system where choosing a career path has become a taboo. Hats off Team EduMorf"

Mrs. Rama Raghavan Director - Step Up Academy

"I am with Edumorf since its conception. I feel there is a need for a counseling platform like this. Edumorf can really help school students find their true potential."

Manish Kumar Civil Engineer - BITS Pilani

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