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A Pilot is a type of Air Crew Officer who operates the flying controls of an aircraft. He/she is also known as Aviator, Aircraft pilot, Airline pilot, Airline Transport. He is the one who is a part of the aviation industry and directly operates the directional flight controls of an aircraft. Being a pilot, you can enjoy an exciting, rewarding and fast-paced lifestyle. Pilots are highly trained, experienced professionals who are eligible to fly different kinds of aircraft and helicopters. Pilots are responsible for the safety of all crew and passengers on board during the flight. He is employed by the commercial airlines and governments aviation departments.


For a student to apply for degree in Pilot, following criterion must be met :


# 1

Only those Candidates can pursue who have secured 50% marks in plus two examination.

# 2

One who has Completed Secondary School education achieving national qualifications in English Language, Mathematics and Science subjects.

# 3

Candidate must be proficient in the English language. Thisccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc is sofnkkdvnkdfvnkdv dkvdkv dkvdvdme text!

# 4

Capable of holding a Class 1 Pilot Medical Certificate.Thisccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc is sofnkkdvnkdfvnkdv dkvdkv dkvdvdme text!

# 5

The minimum age for Student Pilot license is 16 years.Thisccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc is sofnkkdvnkdfvnkdv dkvdkv dkvdvdme text!

# 6

A medical certificate of fitness, security clearance, and a bank guarantee is required.

# 7

Selected candidates go through a medical test and the Pilot Aptitude Test.Thisccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc is sofnkkdvnkdfvnkdv dkvdkv dkvdvdme text!


This career is one of the finest, exciting and most rewarding career all over the globe.
Being a pilot, you can enjoy an exciting, rewarding and fast-paced lifestyle. You can also have an opportunity to experience new cultures and travel around the world.
You can also make your career in the military. Military pilots transport military personnel, soldiers, equipment.

Top recruiters are as follows:
  • Air India
  • India Jet Airways
  • Alliance Air
  • Air Costa
  • Spice Jet

Salaries and Perks

  • To be a commercial pilot in abroad, one must have a flying experience of 750 hours and have a basic license experience. In abroad, the salary package is double than India. In some countries, the salary is increased 3 or 4 times better than in India.
  • As a fresher, they can earn around 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 Lakh per month. After gaining experience, they can get Rs. 5 to 6 Lakh per month on an international route.
  • If you work with the Indian Army and Indian Navy, you can earn in between Rs. 5. Lacs to 8 lacs per year.
  • The starting salary of a private jet pilot is same as a commercial pilot, but after an experience, they are paid around Rs. 50 Lakh per annum.

Top Institutes

Some of the best Institutes of the country offering degree in Pilot include:

1. Government Aviation Training Institute, Bhubaneswar

GATI was commenced in the year 1946 to make a large amount of development by upgrading the criteria of flying and ground training of commercial pilots in the country as Orissa Flying Club. Institute has a tremendous record in producing commercial pilots for the innumerable airlines. Apart from this GATI gives emphasis on overall development, which includes personality development, grooming classes and making enhancement in learner eloquent skills.

2. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, Rae Bareli

IGRUA is an autonomous body under the control of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. It is becoming a knowledge and a skill development hub of civil aviation. They are providing pilot training to candidates of Indian Airlines, BSF, Coast Guard Candidates, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.

3. Rajiv Gandhi National Flight Training Institute

Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Technology is an institution owned by the Government of Kerala.The prime objective of the Academy is to promote the art and science of flying, gliding and aeronautics in all its aspects and matters. RGNFI offers its students a practical and operationally oriented learning environment where you will receive hands-on, real-world training.


Top Class

Some of the famous and successful people who hold a degree in Pilot are:


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